Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Singapore Dairies

When you think about the horrid summers in India, all you wish that you lived on the top of a mountain but since its not always an option, this year we decided on Singapore. My son's first trip abroad and we were pretty excited about visiting another asian country for the first time. After Europe, I really didn't have much hopes on it but wow, how this country has surprised me.

We planned to stay at Punggol which is actually a lovely neighbourhood but a little away from all the tourist places. However, determined to make our way to all that we planned when we hardly had a wink, we went for Gardens By The Bay, popular for its super trees, Indoor waterfalls and their preservation of nature. The fully air-conditioning hits you with a blast as you enter and the shower of the gigantic waterfall greeted us with cool sprinkle of water.  Its almost as if you have reached some sort of heaven on earth. You can walk up or simply take an elevator up and as you go, you can comfortably relax at some spot of your choice and just watch the waterfall. Its one of a kind that makes your visit to Singapore a visit worth while.

After spending a really long time inside, we went for the Flower dome, where you can see how different varieties of flowers have been maintained under controlled temperature. They even had a tulip garden display which was just a delight to the eyes. A cozy cafe where they serve nice cappuccino, cold beer and some absolutely mouth watering snacks, we lingered despite wanting to stay put. Secretly i had set up a camp amongst the flowers and forget the life i live.

The SuperTrees Grove was another highlight of the place. You can see it standing tall, making its presence felt despite looking at the other structures. It makes you want to stare at them all day long. At around 7:15, they had the musical show started which was the STAR WAR theme. After a long day, I napped lying under them, listening to the very soothing with the volume just right that put me to sleep.

Its even more stunning when you stand in front of it

Many such art pieces were displayed along the way. This is one of them

Original carving from wood. What do you see? I see evolution.

Horticulture Heaven

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Home Decor - part 1

When you move from one place to another, you kind of become an expert is making a very shabby quarters, all yours! A newly married will slowly buy things for her home while for me who have been a few years in the army, I tend to pick up thing from everywhere. Mostly from my travels and hometown. Here are a few tips that would help you set up a house and make it your home.

Zen Corner:

Make sure you have a 'ZEN' place designated in your living room or wherever you tend to sit out a lot. For me, its my living space where I sit and do my daily tasks, even writing. It simply means that you have a corner dedicated to spirituality and when you decorate that corner, you would feel an inner peace. I love gold and wood tones in my home so you would see that here. I added a buddha and a few things my mom gave me for good luck in the form of Feng Shui. I am hoping to add a money plant very soon.


Your curtains don't have to be the boring solid colours. Choose something that would let the air and light in. Limit the use of tube lights in the mornings and let bask in the nature. I love mints and teal and these are pretty transparent and this is just one side i have added to make it look special. Also a decorative item, such as the cage and tea lights make it look very warm.

Take a drink:

A corner where you can have a drink and display your precious crystals are is why you should own a bar cabinet. You get many options online these days or the best option that I tried was to get a design and get it made from a carpenter.

My Zen space

A warm corner 

My bar cabinet and handmade floor lamp

I'll add a few more pictures later. Hope you got a few tips on how to make your home ever more beautiful!

To Be Continued...

Monday, February 20, 2017

Types Of Army Wives: Yes, We have a category

Shit happens!
 And behind that shit, are some shitty people who just love to shit everywhere, be it over what messages or just in general, open their mouths. Now what i am really talking about is the culture in the army. You face new people, make great friends but sometimes you can end up intimidating a few and really thats what makes you aware that, you need to just let go of them and be in your own world. The biggest  mistake you could do as an army wife is thinking that you could befriend your senior wife. I did that and somehow I felt the biggest betrayal ever. Gossip travels faster than light here and even if you think that being quite is the only thing that's keeping you sane, it will driver your crazier. 

No Reality check: 

I see that unhappy people love, making other people unhappy. If you smile, laugh and just be yourself, they think that something is wrong with you, why aren't you cribbing about your life? What is it that making me happy? These kind of ladies will be insecure with their families as well. And tend to take out their frustrations through messages. 

The 'Bechari' Card (The poor sad girl): 

This card in army is just used so many times but its never exhausted. Messy hair, dupatta out of place,  and a sad drawn look on he face. I tend to find this kind of an army wife not common. Its not a card that you could use, unless you are an expert in being that part. These kinds don't get along with anyone, have several issues with life and actually think they are better than anyone else. 

The working woman:

An army wife is often the epitome of many talents. And despite the busy schedule of AWWA activities, demanding kids and husband, if you can work while staying and maintaining a home then you are the perfect women. Some do this with flying colours and no judgement, you women are Goddess! 
But then there are a few who make other ladies life miserable while working. They have the 'working' card that they use if they want to get away from anything. Many choose to live away from their husbands while commanding their ladies on WhatsApp, thinking that she could earn the points by showing this side of hers. These kind of women have no knowledge of how army wives work together, usually the words coming out their mouth is of their husband's and their non-participation attitude is frankly irritating. 

The Yester-year Commanding Wife:

This is the kind of army wife who had been on a good powerful position, a few years ago, who can do anything to be in power again, even if that means cozying up with the senior most lady. In return, she tends to make the junior ladies feel miserable with her demeaning attitude, also she would have a loud grating voice that would feel like she is shouting rather than talking. She is no one's favourite and tends to get on the nerves with her arrival. 

So you see, despite meeting various types of 'No-Lady' women in the army, you will survive and if you feel overwhelmed with their vindictiveness, do not sit back and listen, your parents didn't raise you to be a punching bag. Be proud of who you are and most of all be nice!

Note: This is not Hate post, but only a few observations that needed to be written.